Everything you wanted to know when working at Neighbourhood.


What's the Wi-fi code?

The wifi network name is Neighbourhood Work. Password is ancientwater644.

As a Neighbour, what do I get?

Great question. Apart from just a beautiful, quiet, creative space to think and create amazing work, ther's some perks too.

⚡️ Lightening 100mbps direct line fibre Internet. Google it, it's insanely fast

🕓 24 hours access

💼 Stunning boardroom with all-new technology

💌 Mail service for all your online shopping

📱 Soundproof phone booths for private conversations

💡 Breakout space to workshop and collaborate

🐶 Pet friendly

🚲 Bike friendly, with a shower and change room

🚊 Tram 96 is a 2 min walk away

🌞 Plenty of natural light everywhere you turn

☕️ Free specialty coffee, tea, chai all day every day

💎 Professionally cleaned twice a week

🥘 Beautiful new kitchen space. Fridges to store your food, cupboards to store your Tupperware, microwaves, sandwich pressers and more

How do I get in and out of the building?

All members receive their own security access code for front door access. You have 24 hour access to the building, and last one out must ensure lights and music are off.

How do I communicate with other Neighbours?

We have a community Slack set up for all company wide conversations and announcements. This is the best way to get in touch with the team or others who are working out of the space.

If you already have Slack, join the Neighbourhood team here: http://bit.ly/2BTukmN

If you don't have Slack, sign up here to begin the process and then click on the link above. http://slack.com

How do I book the Board room?

Each member gets four hours boardroom access per month as part of membership. This can be booked via the following shared calendar: https://www.neighbourhood.work/bookings

If your allocation is exceeded additional time can be booked if there is no other Neighbour in need of it. Fair use rules apply here, so please be mindful of the space and other's needs.

The break-out tables downstairs and phone-booths do not require booking so use as frequently as you like. With all meeting areas in Neighbourhood we expect that you leave them as clean as when you arrived.

Is there anywhere to put my stuff?

There are lockers available upstairs to use as needed, lockable with a key. There is plenty of shelf and cuppboard space for other items but please be mindful of clutter and the effect it has on other Neighbours.

OK I need to use the Printer

There is a community printer on the ground level. We encourage all Neighbours to minimise their printing to keep within our environmental friendly code. The model is Brother MFC-L6700DW. Once you've join the network it will be visible in your printer settings.

Transport. Bikes, trams, and parking.

You're bike is more than welcome here at Neighbourhood. Plenty of storage inside and out to make an easy ride in. There are showers, lockers, and change room facilities to freshen up if you're riding from far.

Tram 96 Nicholson st and Tram 11 Brunswick st both run close enough to Neighbourhood to make it a 3min walk once you touch off.

If you are driving in there are a couple of options for you. While there is plenty of free parking around we have put together the closest 4 hour parking areas you can leave you car at. Map link here: http://bit.ly/2E4HGyD

Alternatively if driving in everyday is your thing we can arrange a permanent car spot at the carpark next door for $200 per month ex. GST.

How do I change the tunes?

There is an iPhone with Spotify connected to the soundbar upstairs. You can control the music via the phone, or use the black Flic to start, stop, or change the music.

  • One press = start / stop
  • Two presses = Next track

I have a problem and need to contact the Neighbourhood team

Athan and Steve are here to ensure everything is working and your experience is perfect every day. Slack is often the best channel to contact the team to ensure speedy response, but alternatively email works as well hello (at) neighbourhood.work - Don't hesitate to tap us on the shoulder if we're in the office at any time.