Making it a little bit nice to come to work each day.


4 Brunswick Place, Fitzroy


Neighbourhood Work at 4 Brunswick Place is a huge 400sqm light-dripped space in the heart of Fitzroy. With only 35 desks and one private studio, this community feels small and special. A stunning boardroom for important meetings. 

Our members are a mix of designers, consultants, and strategists, but all are welcome


Only 34 desks available

We keep all Neighbourhood locations to small footprints. Each location has no more than 40 people, all of which are permanent members. No random hot-deskers, just people you know and collaborate with. When everyone knows each other, the workplace is more respectful and enjoyable.

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Dedicated Desk

This is for your own dedicated desk in our beautiful light-filled warehouse. Your own plants, photos, trinkets, and pencils. All yours. 24 hour access 7 days a week.

From $550 Per Month

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The Studio

We've created a stunning private office space that is designed to feel like your own office warehouse. Next to the boardroom and open work area, this is a premium space that will allow your team to work privately in beautiful surrounds.

From $3,500 Per Month

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Become a Neighbour here, access all of Neighbourhood

You have access to both locations in Fitzroy, providing you and your team twice the flexibility. Beautiful light filled warehouses, just 7 minute walk apart. Need to run a bigger event, split up the team for an office, or just want a change of scenery? Why settle for one office when you can have two.

⚡️ Lightening 500/500mbps Internet with mesh technology

🕓 24 hours access

☕️ Free specialty coffee, tea, chai all day every day

🥝 Weekly fruit drops

💼 Stunning boardrooms and meeting rooms with all-new tech, Apple TVs on each screen

📱 Soundproof phone booths for private conversations

💡 Breakout spaces to workshop and collaborate on ideas

🐶 Pet friendly

🚲 Bike friendly

🚊 Nicholson St, Brunswick St, and Smith St trams all stop near by

🌞 Plenty of natural light everywhere you turn

💎 Professionally cleaned multiple times a week

🥘 Beautiful new kitchen spaces

🎟 Yoga, wine and cheese nights, and more. All free.


New to Neighbourhood?

Neighbourhood was created specifically with creatives professionals in mind.

There's no 'hustle' neons. Just inspiring buildings, limited seats, familiar faces, and more opportunities to create.

We only have permanent members we call Neighbours, and the price is inclusive of everything we offer: there are no additional fees for anything. We think this is the best way to promote you doing more; more workshops, more events, more growth.

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We're at 4 Brunswick Place, Fitzroy

Come visit soon.